2019 Quintet Board of Directors

The Association of Quintet Homeowners is managed by a volunteer board of directors, including:

  • Joan Buttram – Chair – (joanb@thequintet.org)

  • Mary Frances Faupel – Secretary (maryf@thequintet.org)

  • Jim Dodson - Treasurer (jimd@thequintet.org)

  • John Hemmingsen - Director (johnh@thequintet.org)

  • Kaci Baugh- Director (kacib@thequintet.org)

  • Elva Kopacz - Director (elvak@thequintet.org)

  • Tom Cherry – Director (tomc@thequintet.org)

The board meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM in the Piano Room. These are open meetings. Everyone is invited.


2019 Quintet Committees

ARCHITECTURE: scheduled as needed; architecture@thequintet.org Chair/Liaison: John Hemmingsen; Secretary: Larry Erickson; Members: Tom Cherry, Henry Cunningham, Tron Stadelman.

 •  ART PRESERVATION: scheduled as needed; art@thequintet.org Co-Chairs: Alberto Ràfols, Zola Goodell; Liaison: -----Secretary: Richard Scott.

COMMUNICATIONS: scheduled as needed; commcomm@thequintet.org Chair: Louise Lague; Liaison: Mary Fran Faupel. Members: Tom Lichty, Sally Petersen.

 • FINANCE: TUE, MAY 14, 2019 6:15 PM  PIANO ROOM; finance@thequintet.org Chair/Liaison: Jim Dodson; Secretary: TBD; Members: Jane Edwards, Heidi Moore, Tom Lichty.

•  LANDSCAPE: TUE, MAY 14, 2019 5:00 PM; landscape@thequintet.org Chair: Tom Cherry; Liaison: John Hemmingsen; Secretary: Marilyn Schirk. Members: Tron Stadelman, Pat Rusina, Bill Stegmaier, Robert Harrington, Cherie Hemmingsen, Rhea Singer, Patrick Berg, Susan Cato, Sergei Nikonorov, Kurt Welty, Zita Nyitrai, Margaret McMahon, Lori Romer, Winston Tseng.

Special Projects subcommittee: Chair: Tron Stadelman, Co-chairs: Patrick Berg, Pat Rusina.

 •   RESERVES/MAINTENANCE:  THU, MAY 9, 2019 6:00 PM; reserves@thequintet.org Chair/Secretary: Kurt Welty; Liaison: Jim Dobson; Members:  Dwight Lockwood, Cherie Hemmingsen, Tom Cherry.

 •   RULES & REGULATIONS: WED, MAY 8, 2019 6 :00 PM; rules@thequintet.org Chair:  Jane Edwards; Liaison/Secretary: Kaci Baugh. Members: Phillip Wu, Elva Kopacz. 

SECURITY: scheduled as needed; security@thequintet.org Chair:  Colene Pool; Liaison: Tom Cherry; Secretary: TBD. Members: Tom Cherry, Gayle Kummer, Birgitta Carlson.

Emergency Preparedness subcommittee: meeting follows Security. Chair: Birgitta Carlson; Tom Cherry.