The Quintet has renegotiated the bulk cable contract with Comcast to include bulk cable TV and internet. This is in effect 9/1/19 and is included in your HOA fees at no increase to the HOA fees.

Equipment, Service and Set Up Instructions
Residents that need/want to upgrade their cable boxes (if they don’t have X1/Voice Remotes currently or need a 2nd box for a 2nd TV) and or need to set up new internet service or request an upgraded wireless modem can do this one of two ways:

1) Visit one of our Xfinity Retail Stores: take in old equipment, walk out with new equipment and install kit
2) Call the Xfinity Bulk COE at 855-307-4896: Equipment can be shipped to the resident or at the residents request a Pro Installation can be scheduled at no charge – one time for initial installation/appointment. Pages 2 & 3 includes what to look for to determine if you have current TV and Internet equipment. NOTE: If a resident has current equipment, then NO action is needed. For billing questions and to add or downgrade additional services (i.e. premium/additional channels, faster internet speeds, etc.) beyond what the HOA bulk package includes please call (855) 307-4896.

Here is what the bulk Comcast package includes:

New Service Package Effective 9/1/2019

High Definition X1 Digital Starter Video (140+ channels). Service to 2 Outlets Per Unit with 1 HD X1 Cable Box and 1 X1 Voice Remote Per Outlet.

  • HD Fee is Included in the rate

  • Residents that currently pay for HD on their individual account will no longer be charged an HD fee

Performance Pro Internet 150mbps/5mbps

  • Wireless Gateway/Modem is Included in the Per Unit Rate

  • Residents that currently pay for a Comcast modem on their individual account will no longer be charged

About The Quintet

Hidden in the forested West Hills of Portland, Oregon, is a 17 acre piece of paradise with extraordinary landscaping, superior construction, numerous amenities, and dramatic views.

Five unique buildings and a beautifully-appointed clubhouse nestle in a setting designed by a master landscape architect.

Secluded, but only minutes away from the city center, The Quintet is a true community, home to people of all ages and walks of life.

First-time homeowners, young families, professionals and those in active retirement enjoy convenience, security and the camaraderie of neighbors without sacrificing privacy.

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